Tuxedo Vs Suit: What is the Difference?

Tuxedo vs suit is a most wondering way to know by men what is an actual difference between tuxedo and suit because there are many men who get confused. Because of it is similarities it is hard to tell what is actual differences in it.

When you think about tuxedos the first image that comes to mind is Hollywood actors. Currently, there are many classical tuxes available in various colors like navy blue, tan, green, peach, gray, white, and many more.

What is Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is one type of coat that can wear mostly by men at wedding time or any special occasions; a tuxedo does not wear at a meeting or any formal event happen something. It’s a complete party wear attire. A tuxedo is wedding wear but men can wear it at party attend, anniversary party time It’s made from satin fabric on the lapel (a fabric that folds away from the chest) of the jacket.

This outfit comprises matching dress pants, usually worn with a bow tie, and formal shoes; bow ties are absolutely mandatory with this and men will try to wear matching formal shoes like black, brown, etc. And, Tuxedo buttons are made of silk which helps in distinguishing them from suits.

History of Tuxedo 

The Tuxedo was first observed in the late 1800s at an aristocratic Autumn Ball in Tuxedo Park, New York. Younger men initially preferred it as an alternative to formal British-evening wear. Eventually, it gained popularity among upper-level students. In the early 20th century, the peak lapel had grown into fame for formal events.

In the 1930s, during World War II, we began to notice grey and midnight blue making an exceptional appearance. In the 1940s, Humphrey Bogart added crispiness to the ensemble and made his version of the Tuxedo by pairing a white tuxedo jacket with white trousers. The 1960s and 1970s added a modern touch to the outfit by introducing patterns and new materials like polyester.

The 1970s introduced the bellbottom version that provided more freedom in formal wear with comfort. The 1980s to 2000s transitioned into dark colors, minimal accessories, and slim cuts.

What is a Men Suit?

Now let’s talk about suits and it is the most preferable formal outfit for business-oriented guys also it are also worn at weddings time as well. Men and women often wear suits, but tuxedoes are for only men. It is a style when a suit is worn, and it is a style because of its pattern.

Most business people, such as directors, executives, and motivators, wear suits during their working time, defined as formal looks. In a men’s suit, 2 or 3 pieces of suits arrive that can men try based on their wearing requirements. The suit usually wear a similar combination of color that goes black, grey, blue

Why is Tuxedo chosen for the wedding?

A wedding day is the most precious and big day in one’s life. Most of the grooms wear an outfit in whatever they feel content in. One wants to look exceptional for their wedding, so that’s where the Tuxedo comes in place.

Tuxedos are made of high-quality fabric and tend to be more expensive and fancier. Black and blue are the most common colors used for tuxedo suits. Especially for grooms on wedding days, tuxedo suits always bring a modern, admirable look.

Nothing is more impressive than a wedding tuxedo that gives an eye-catching look and enhances your personality. Make your big day special with the Tuxedo’s alluring charisma.

Styles of Tuxedo

Notch Lapel Tuxedo 

The lapel is the folded flaps around the neck. It is known as a notch lapel because the lapel has a small cut around the neck of the jacket that differs it from the other designs. Men usually pair this style with a bow tie and leather shoes. This style is quite popular and worn at weddings by men. 

Notch Lapel Tuxedo

Shawl Tuxedo

Classic sleek style with a rounded neck makes it look unique and sophisticated. Shawls aren’t just for ladies to wear. You can stand out with a shawl tuxedo and be the fashion icon you wish to be. They look less casual but not too formal yet fancy than typical suits.

They are a great way to rock your wedding and charm your aura toward the bride-to-be. You can add a pop of color to your style by wearing in grey, burgundy, or blue colors with a black shawl lapel. 

Shawl Tuxedo For Men

Peak lapel 

The peak lapel forms an angle around the neck that creates an appearance of a peak-like structure. The label is located on the front of the coat and sits below the collar.

This design adds a confident look to your style. Savor every moment of your special day by wearing the peak lapel tuxedo. If the pattern is bold, it creates a timid look.

Peak Lapel Tuxedo For Men

They have more of a traditional appearance and are best suited for weddings. It depends on the factors like your height, body type, and your personal preferences, on how you should style the Peak Lapel Tuxedo.

When it comes to, styling the peak lapel, you can experiment with bold colors like green or red, or if you want to look classy, black, navy blue, and grey are the better options.

It is critical to select the right fabric for the occasion, you might go with silk or wool if it is a formal event. A linen or cotton is best suited for a casual look. Single-breasted jackets are casual yet charming. 

Patterned Tuxedo 

They form a chic look and elevate your appearance. This style gives a perfect impression for your prom, wedding, or other special events.

There are various types of patterned tuxedos like ivory paisley that you can wear for a bohemian wedding. Another style of pattern tuxedos is a white jacket typically paired with a bow tie and black pants.

You can choose the Coachella wedding style by pairing your jacket with cream pants. Try a velvet Tuxedo for a refined appearance that comes in various colors, notably burgundy, blue, gold, and black.

Prices of Tuxedo Vs Suit

A good-quality 3-piece Suit ranges from ₹5,000 to ₹20,000 or it might be higher depending on the brand fabric, designer & maker, and style of tuxedo and suit. A Suit is a great outfit for functions, weddings, and occasional meetings. A Tuxedo costs about ₹3,000 to ₹15,000, and you might be paying more for accessories like a shirt, vest, cummerbunds, shoes, and tie. 

Single Blazer Suit₹2000/-
2 Piece Suit₹6599/-
3 Piece Suit₹14999/-
Tuxedo Suit₹3600/-

When it comes to styling tuxedos and suits, people accessorize suits with long ties and a tuxedo with a bow tie. A tuxedo is usually worn with a white shirt to make them look fancier. Tuxedos are formal wear that can be worn at black-tie weddings, opera nights, or charity galas. 

Suits, on the other hand, can be preferred on any occasion. It is beneficial to wear the perfect size to ace the look. 

To achieve a semi-formal look in the suit, try pairing it up with a navy necktie, patterned pocket, and a brown leather belt. If you are going for a brown jacket and pants, make sure you wear a classic pair of brown oxfords. 

A classic tuxedo can make your charm more attractive. You can wear a black tuxedo jacket with black pants and accessorize it with a cummerbund, a pleated dress shirt, and an elegant bow tie with a pair of black oxfords. 

Styles of Suits For Men

Classic Slim Fit Suit

This figure-hugging perfectly highlights the contours and promises an elegant look. You can add a vest to this look to achieve a formal look for business meetings, public speeches, or any formal event.

This suit doesn’t restrict you but provides you with comfort. This suit has an athletic cut which makes it comfy and fashionable. 

Classic Slim Fit Suit

This suit style is narrow at the chest and waist which is true to the body’s natural contour. This is more of a casual and sleek look. It has marginally slimmer lapels that match with shoulders, and the pants have narrower legs with smaller leg openings. You can customize these looks by adding more styling options. 

Modern Fit Suit

It has a closer fit concerning the slim fit, however, it is slightly loose which makes room for comfort and easy movement. They are wider near the ankle but narrower in the thigh area. They have straight cuts with broader shoulders

modern fit suit for men

Double Breasted Suit

In a double-breasted jacket or suit, there are two sections on the front of the garment, which have to be buttoned together if you want to wear the garment.

A double-breasted suit is a suit jacket with two vertical rows of buttons that can be set as per suit color; It is typically more formal than a single-breasted suit. This type of suit has a very distinctive look and men who want to be charming personalities this one is the best option for them.

Double Breasted Suit For Men

The double-breasted suit is usually worn with a matching waistcoat or vest, and it can be worn in different styles to accommodate the wearer’s personal taste. It is one of the most formal choices for men, so they are often worn at weddings or other formal events.


How is a tuxedo different from a suit?

shawl tuxedo

A tuxedo is one type of suit which is majorly worn at wedding time with a tuxedo shirt, bow tie, and coat inside or without that. And majorly difference from a suit is satin, a shiny fabric that can differentiate a tuxedo from a suit and gives premium look.

What is a tuxedo suit for men?

A tuxedo suit for men is majorly worn at a wedding time by grooms and a tuxedo is considered a wedding outfit by fashion icons.