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These unmentionable clothing articles can actually be worn by men

Do you break rules when it comes to fashion?? Well, the world of fashion is all about trends, fashion updates and much more. But then there are those rule breakers who go against the trends, bend the rules and make sure that make their own rules when it comes to fashion. This rhythmic movement of agreeableness has seen some once-ousted menswear pieces make like the prodigal child, greeted back onto runways wholeheartedly. These are the things you should lament throwing out from your closet – and quickly supplant.

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This blog talks about the unmentionable clothing articles that you can actually wear without being answerable to others.

Bucket hats

You might see that the runway fashion had seen a lot of brands coming forward with bucket hats. The bucket hats were first seen in the 1900s and were seen as a trending accessory with the street fashion in the 1980s and eventually made a comeback with Rihanna on the ramp walk.

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With the passage of time, the bucket hats have gained the popularity again and have come on the ramp with numerous brands portraying their version of bucket hats that include solids, stripes, neon colored, fashionable and so many others. You would not only love them because they’re a comfortable accessory but are absolutely functional for summers because they protect your eyes and face from the sun rays.

Cargo pants

I remember when I was in my undergraduate program when our batch was supposed to wear the uniform which was a white shirt and cargo pants. That was something different from the other dresses/uniforms of the other programs. I fell in love with cargo pants when I saw the band Limp Bizkit frontman wearing it. Well, it was eventually after that the trend of cargo pants died and never came back. However, there are men out there who still like to wear cargo pants because of their baggy effect, the comfort and the airy design which allows your legs to move better and not constrict them.

cargo pants style

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The cargo trousers can be best teamed up with a button-down shirt (as I mentioned was my uniform) or a polo t-shirt to looks relaxed. Just avoid making use of the numerous pockets that the cargo pants have. They are there for show and not for you look like you’re carrying the entire provision store in your pockets.

Men’s brief underwear

Were you expecting this here? Well, your men’s underwear is a part of your fashion statement and it matters for your personality more than you think. If you take a look at the history of mens briefs, you’d notice that they were referred to as ‘tighty whiteys’ long back because they were available only in the color white. In fact, some people also call them granny panties because they’re so full of fabric and bulky.

However, you would love to know that the respective underneath fashion garment is the most popular style which is worn by men across the globe. No matter whether you call them unmentionables or granny panties, they actually raise the bar of your happiness by supporting you where you need it most and keeping you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

Floral print

You would be expected not to wear those floral shirts until and unless you are on a vacation in Hawaii. Floral prints might have been swept off the fashion industry grounds but they never actually left the hearts of men who like to keep it that way. In fashion terms, the floral prints made a comeback a few summers ago and have been leaving a long lasting impression. The brands have fallen in love with the floral prints and want the wearers also to have that kind of spirit.

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You can choose to wear floral print shirts, shorts, and even accessories like ties or caps this summer. Just make sure being a man, choose to go for a dark-colored base and bright floral print on the top to look stunning on your personality and balance your masculinity as well.

Short sleeved shirts

It was long back when the combination of chinos and short sleeved shirts was a trending one in the fashion industry. You would see men wearing the combination to work and look dashing in the same. Well, times change and trends fade away. That’s exactly what happened with the short sleeved shirts as well. Earlier, the focus was more on the kind of short-sleeved shirts rather than how you’d look in them.

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Now, with the changed times and men getting closer to a dapper look know that fit matters and that’s what’s going to get them looking stunning. Hence, when you choose to go for a charming appeal, look for a pleasing fit that accentuates your body but don’t try to fit yourself into something that is not meant for you. Pair it up sensibly too.