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Tiger Shroff Denim Shirts The New Fashion Sense Need Know About

Bollywood plays a pivotal role to inspire the fashion choices of modern India. This has been the case since the advent of Hindi movies. From Raja Harishchandra by Dadasaheb Phalke, the first Indian movie to be screened to today’s glossy, high-budget movies, the clothing style of Bollywood has undergone a major evolution.

And this evolution of Bollywood outfits has cast a great influence on the clothing style of Indians. From understated dhotis and dapper suits to today’s cool and casual outfits, we have covered a long journey. Nowadays, fashion trends go in and out as quickly as Bollywood movies come in and out of theatres. What stars wear today, becomes the fashion trend of tomorrow.

But few Bollywood fashion trends are not going to evaporate easily, the trend of denim shirts being one of them. Denim is very popular both among men and women.


We have seen many Bollywood stars donning a denim shirt paired with denim jeans with ease and comfort, especially in their airport looks. Tiger Shroff, known for his action-packed performances on screen, can be spotted in different types of denim shirts almost everywhere.

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Tiger Shroff Denim Jacket

Tiger Shroff has a very strong social media presence and uploads pictures frequently. Recently, Tiger Shroff was seen sporting a full-zip denim jacket in one of his movie promotions.

He paired the jacket with ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt. And this superstar was looking breathtakingly handsome in this outfit.


Pocket blue denim shirts are very much in men’s fashion nowadays. Almost every Bollywood star has been spotted in this outfit at least once. In one of his events, Tiger Shroff was seen wearing a pocket blue denim shirt. With sleeves rolled up and a few buttons untucked, this ‘Baghi’ of Bollywood made his fans sweat.

tiger shroff denim shirt outfit

This outfit has become so popular that almost every teenager owns this denim shirt. Be it your first day of college or a casual party at a friend’s place, you can wear it everywhere. Just pair it with nice trousers and you are good to go.


Bollywood-style clothes are very popular among today’s youngsters. Not only girls but also boys try to ape the wardrobe of their favorite movie stars. Denim shirts with zips are quite trendy nowadays. In a photo shoot, Tiger Shroff was wearing a blue colored denim shirt with a zip.

This shirt has a flowery design and two zipped pockets on it. By sporting this shirt, Tiger Shroff has ushered in a new age of stylish denim shirts for men as flowery designs are always stereotyped in women’s clothing.

tiger shroff denim shirt outfit

This shirt can be worn with almost everything. Any color of the t-shirt will go with it. This shirt can be used in many ways. You can wear it as a shirt or as a jacket. So, by getting this outfit, you are getting both a jacket and a shirt.


If you think that the buttons of a shirt do not have any aesthetic quality, then you are wrong. The right color of a button adds a different charm to the shirt. For example, the white buttoned denim shirt that Tiger Shroff was seen wearing recently while shooting for GQ magazine, looked spectacular solely because of the color of the button.

tiger shroff denim shirt outfit

So, if you want to add some unique design to your denim collection, go for the white buttoned denim shirt. If worn with the right colored denim pant, it can give you a very stylish look.


Sleeveless denim shirts are strictly casual. You can not wear it in an office unless you have a cool boss. Unfortunately, for most people that is not the case. We have seen Tiger Shroff wearing sleeveless denim shirts many times.

Like other Bollywood outfits, this one is also very much in demand.

tiger shroff denim shirt

If you have worked out, with muscular biceps, then this shirt will compliment your look. If you are not comfortable showing your biceps, then you can wear it as a jacket. Sleeveless denim shirts are largely found in street fashion. These shirts are not only a part of men’s fashion but also to be found in women’s wardrobes.


Denim is so popular an outwear, that designers often do many experiments with it. Sometimes these experiments are a disaster, but sometimes we get something funky from them. Tiger Shroff’s hybrid denim shirts are a result of such experiments.

Tiger shroff denim shirt

Recently, Tiger Shroff wore something in between a denim shirt and a camouflaged hoodie, it was a mixture of the two and surprisingly, the look worked out for him.

If you are up for experimenting with your look and crazy about Bollywood-style clothes, then you should have this cloth in your wardrobe.


Denim-on-denim is the biggest Bollywood fashion trend right now. Recently, Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani were seen following this trend while promoting their movie ‘Baaghi 2’. Disha Patani was looking extremely stylish in her ripped jeans, cropped t-shirt, and denim jacket, while Tiger Shroff looked jaw-droppingly handsome in a blue denim shirt and denim jeans pants.

Tiger shroff denim shirts wears


Tiger Shroff has recently launched his new look in the movie ‘Student of the year 2’ where he was seen wearing a light blue denim shirt paired with ripped jeans.

Student of the year 2 official poster

This look has become very popular among students. In every college, you will find at least a few boys donning this look.


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