Amazing Shirt And T Shirt Combination For Men

Shirt and T-shirt Combination Style Guide

Sporting the right look and fashion is essential to make a statement for you. It is said that your clothes speak louder than your voice and hence it is essential to get hold of the right combination every time you step out of your house.  For men, shirts and t-shirts are the most versatile dress to wear and they can be clubbed with either jeans or formal pants.

Then, explore some of the distinctive styles of putting together shirt and t-shirt combinations altogether! Below mentions t-shirts for men are just inspiration you can check them out for other inspiration for looks perfect casual.

There are various jeans and shirt color combinations that can enhance your look and create a statement and here we list down the top five amazing shirts and t-shirt combinations for men you won’t avoid!

Red Shirts with Blue Jeans Combination

Pairing up a red shirt with blue jeans is one of the coolest combinations that can make you look all the more fashionable and breezy for the summer! Such an ensemble makes sure that the person wearing it looks smart.

You can add a red suede casual boot to the look and you are ready to make a cool statement with your fashion. It will make you look dapper in transeasonal weather.


Such a look reflects the fact that you are a styling-savvy person and hence have the right taste in dress according to the season. You can pick other kinds of shoes such as green camouflage shoes with this combination and it will make a rugged and classy look for the summer season! You can also pair up the look with suede chukka boots and it will surely grab some eyeballs in the public.

White T-shirt & Black Jeans Combination

A white t-shirt is one that is a must-have for men in their wardrobe. It is one of the most basic requirements to look fashionable for any event or party.

White t-shirts and jeans have been an age-old fashion and continue to be trending because of the popularity of fashion. Authentic dressing sense for men begins with this combination and pairing it up with other accessories such as a shoe or cap!

The versatility of a white t-shirt is immense and hence it is to be understood that there are various ways you can wear one of them. Some of the ways you can wear a white t-shirt are-

  • Paired with jeans or chinos
  • Wearing it under a shirt or blazer
  • Pairing it with shorts

While these are some of the ways, pairing a white t-shirt with jeans stays one of the coolest trends in fashion and also one of the most sought-after looks during the summer season.

You can try wearing slim jeans as it enhances the physique in a better way and adds a cool vibe to the look!

Green Shirts with Blue Denim Jeans

A green shirt with blue jeans is one of the freshest clothing color combinations for men. There are a variety of greens that you can pair up with blue jeans and depending on the contrast of the green color you can either opt for dark denim or washed jeans that shall make you look fresh and bright.


You can try out a mint green shirt with blue jeans and it shall create a relaxed summer look.  Avoid using brown color accessories such as belts or tan shoes with this look as it shall hamper the color balance of the entire look and make it look jumbled up.

Instead, use up accessories that are black and have a shine, it will add the spark to your look and establish a “wow” factor!

Blue Shirts & Grey Jeans Combination

Grey jeans are very versatile and you should always have a pair in your wardrobe as they can seamlessly take you through any occasion or event! A Blue shirt with grey jeans is one of the most popular dress color combinations for men.


Having a blue shirt essentially serves the purpose of being in the same color pallet and does make you look cool.

This look is perfect for the summer and just as the sun sets. Evenings are the best time to wear these as the combination tends to be on the darker side of the palette. Pair it up with white sneakers to complete the look and sway away with style to your destination.

Maroon T-shirts & Blue Jeans Combination

Maroon t-shirts and blue jeans make an uncanny combo but look amazing when you wear them. It is one of the most sophisticated color combinations and works for both formals and casuals. Pairing it up with a sports shoe shall instantly help you to get the golf day look and a relaxed vibe all around.

Your jeans should have a straight fit as having a baggy or slim look can alter the coolness of the look. You can also try to pair it up with white caps because of the contrast of the colors it shall look appealing. 

Go for a classic t-shirt as it prevents overdoing the fashion and creates a semblance. This is one of the most casual and trending clothing color combinations for men.


Going by the trend, blue jeans combination t-shirts are something that can instantly help you to get a style-savvy look and create a fashion statement. Men’s fashion has numerous accessories that can be paired up with each of these looks based on the part of the day you are sporting the look.

You can use sunglasses, belts, watches, and caps according to what you deem to find fit to accompany your look. Go for these looks and be a fashion icon and get praised for your excellent choice of color clothing combination.

Your fashion sense creates an impression that benefits you forever. Create your look with care and follow the combination in this blog to grab attention and create a buzz!

Shop the looks

You can either shop these looks from the various offline stores around your area or the huge shopping malls. The advantage you can have if you shop from stores is that you can closely look at the color and quality of the clothes and try them to be assured of the size.

You can also check out the various e-commerce websites that offer plenty of discounts and offers on such dresses. Thoroughly go through the reviews before buying a product and make sure that you know your measurements perfectly. It is advised that you shop from those online stores that provide you with the facility of exchange and return if you aren’t satisfied with the product. Go ahead and start shopping to get those jeans and shirt color combinations!