Most Expensive Hoodies Now Available in India

You will purchase Apple iphone x instead of this brand hoodies price. It is a GUCCI brand hoodies yes, Gucci is most expensive brand all over the world and it is sale all kind of fashion outfits men and women.

Nordstrom is the official re-seller of gucci brand outfits.

Currently on the nordstrom annual anniversary sale running the the Hoodies price is Rs 102,533.17 (Approx, $1400) around.


Gucci Most Expensive Hoodies in India

India is growing year by year and in India many billionaires available who are buy the GUCCI brand clothes. After the Gucci there is lots other brand who are most expensive.

Armani Jeans, Prada, Gucess, Versace, Ralph Lauren are the most expensive brand in India and Worldwide also.

Selling the outfits only just millions of bucks in India.


Gucci Most Expensive Hoodies in India

This most expensive hoodies has grey full sleeves with cap and the GUCCI brand logo at center also gucci put the embroidery art work at the shoulder for make this hoodies expensive.

Recently Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor Wear the Expensive hoodies.


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