Marriage Reception Dress For Male

10+ Marriage Reception Dress For Male Which You Can’t Ignore

Marriage reception dress for males and couples people who want the perfect outfit for coming marriage reception and wedding attend as a guest. A lot of grooms are not acquainted with the fashion world and its trends. They may not know what to buy for their marriage reception dress.

Once, they were guided by fashion-stylish, male friends or female friends to shop for the perfect one. But now, they are left alone to choose one themselves.

This is why, in this section of the fashion industry, male fashion designers have emerged in order to help grooms know about wedding reception dress options that suit them well. Some male designers also provide advice on how the groom should behave at the wedding receptions and what’s appropriate for him to wear when he meets his future wife’s family members.

Below is the list of reception dresses which you can choose it.

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

In this decade, the best attire for the groom at a marriage reception is a Jodhpuri suit, a Kurta Pajama With Coat, and a Long Jodhpuri Suit for men. At wedding receptions, it is important that the groom looks as handsome as possible. A marriage reception suit for the groom needs to be comfortable and appropriate. Greem has to look smart and attractive for that reason men have to use grooming styles like good hair cutting styles, try out fair face wash, etc.

Light Pink Kurta Pajama With Jacket Style

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

If you are looking for dresses that can be worn on wedding receptions or other social occasions then a light pink kurta pajama to wear with a jacket outfit is one of the best ones for the wedding reception time as well will be suitable for you. It can help you look elegant and stylish without compromising on your comfort level because it has been designed with cotton fabric and has short sleeves which

Floral Print Dhoti Kurta

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

This floral print dhoti kurta comes in sky blue color with full floral print and dhoti style pajama that is perfect grooming style. The dhoti kurta is one of the most stylish and versatile attire that can be worn on various occasions. The fabric of this Indian outfit is made up of cotton or silk. For men, it is preferable to wear a dhoti kurta with plain and floral prints in different colors.

Even though the dhoti kurta looks like a typical traditional garment, it can be easily worn by both men and women. It has remained the most stylish Indian outfit for generations for its versatility, classic style, comfort, and coolness during summers.

Jodhpuri Suit with Shawl

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

A Jodhpuri suit with a shawl is a combination that is used for marriage. It has the charm of traditional decorating. The suit is worn on the shoulders and the shawl is draped over it. With this, you can create a grand and royal look.

Long Suit With Churidar Pant

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

Churidar pant is one of the ethnic iconic style outfits that can be worn by females mostly but when in traditional look men also try out churidar salwar pant with jodhpurs style suit outfit. Both males and females can wear this for their wedding ceremonies when they want to go in traditional style.

Many dressmakers find it easy to design these churidar pantsuits because they don’t need to worry about any other additional accessories, all they need is a long shirt which is also known as a kurta.

Long Jodhpuri Suit

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

Jodhpuri suit gives a royal traditional look when worn on a wedding time grooms have to look king want to look royal. This outfit is when men wearing a long jodhpurs suit is a great way for grooms to create an ultimate look of royalty on their wedding day. With Jodhpuri men can style with royal style footwear and hairstyle, and do well groom style it.

Kurta Pajama With Floral Design Coat

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

At wedding time or over marriage reception time men can wear kurta pajamas usually but with that grooms can try out a jacket style as well with floral design print work, embroidered work, or zark work. As per the wedding expert, this dress is one of the regular marriage reception dresses for males who can wear 10 out of 7 grooms at wedding time.

Long Black Jodhpuri Suit

Marriage Reception Dress For Male

Marriage Reception Dress For Couple

When you have a wedding, it is important that you will dress your best. Nowadays, couples are more inclined to wear similar patterns, colors, or style-type dresses for the reception. This trend has been popular for quite some time now. It has become so popular that many stores are starting to offer this service to their customers.

As the trend continues to expand, more people are beginning to notice it and begin to follow suit, which you may wear. Below is a four-couple marriage reception outfit choice for boys and ladies that you should try on.

Off-white Chicken Fabric Dress

Marriage Reception Dress For Couple

At the marriage reception event time, the groom and bride can wear a similar color pattern or design outfits just like this chicken fabric material off-white color suit but if you are attending any close relation wedding reception as a guest that time this outfit is much more suitable.

White Couple Dress For Marriage

Marriage Reception Dress For Couple

A couple can wear a white-colored dress for marriage during daytime or evening time marriage functions. There are various options available when it comes to dressing for couples to wear on the occasion of a wedding. One can go with a classic style jodhpuri suit, which is a long-sleeved jacket along with a pant style or churidar, sherwani jacket, saree, lehenga choli, etc.

Couples can go with white color with a simple long jodhpuri style suit and women can wear printed ethnic style lehenga choli.

Black Color Style Couple Dress

Marriage Reception Dress For Couple

Just like the white combination style couple goes with the black color combination style on a marriage function outfit. Here is a modernized black long Kurti style for men and a black Pakistani-style salwar kameez for women. It is a perfect couple of matching outfits.

Reception Dress Brands

There are lots of local brands and national brands available where you can buy reception dresses for yourself as well as for your bridal Also there are a few websites that can sell ethnic traditional dresses online with fashion guidance few of the brands mention them.

Dress Brand NamePrice RangeAvailableAvailable
Manyavar15000 To 1 LakhMenWomen
Kalki fashion10000 to 2 LakhMenWomen
Jaypore10000 to 50000MenWomen
Swayamvar25000 to 1 LakhMenWomen


Which suit is best for marriage?

According to fashion experts, the best marriage reception dress for males is jodhpuri suits and blazer suits however, most men like jodhpuri suits.

How much does a wedding suit cost?

Wedding suit cost depends on the style, uniqueness, and brand There are 10,000 to 2 lakh rupees of cost come in wedding suit