January 13, 2020

Best Unique Gift Ideas For Brother (Raksha Bandhan Special)

Raksha Bandhan will be on the 26 August 2018 Sunday. Many Sisters want to give special and unique gifts to brothers. But all time sisters get confused while purchasing the gifts for brothers.

You can give the fashion outfits to your younger brother who looks charming and stylish on the Raksha Bandhan Day.

I will suggest to you today few Raksha Bandhan gift idea for your brother in denim fashions outfits, Which is fit in your pocket budget and also get cashback discount while purchasing via debit or credit cards.

Below is the gift ideas list for brother on Raksha Bandhan

  • Casual Shirts
  • Denim Jeans
  • Smart Watches for men
  • Mens Trimmer 
  • Sun-Glasses
  • Perfumes and Cologne


A casual shirt is the most lovable outfit which is loved by men if you know your brother favorite colors or size you can go to buy a casual shirt.

Men’s casual shirts brands list is below you check out the products for your younger brother gift.

Streetwear best wearing option is a casual shirt and it has lots of color and pattern option nowadays like checked shirts, printed shirts, denim shirts etc and mens loves the denim shirts mostly because of it feels real men. And, 10 out of 9 men has worn the denim at least one time in a week and if college boys come they are wearing all weekdays.

Below i put the list of branded casual shirts for men

Roadster Men Blue White Regular Fit Checked Casual Shirt

Zombom Men's Full Sleeve Cotton Casual Shirt (Sky Blue, 42)
LITTLE MAN Men's Cotton Shirt White_Medium
Arrow Jeans Men's Checkered Slim Fit Cotton Casual Shirt
Highlander Blue Lightweight Slim Fit Denim Shirt


Denim jeans are always demanded on every casual outfit with shirt or t-shirts and men’s love the branded jeans because it is comfortable, soft material and feel light.

If you think you want to give the return gift to your brother this Rakshabhand gift him fashion outfit with a casual shirt I suggest you can go with denim jeans also.

Because of with new shirt old jeans pants does not look good.

Buy good quality with branded jeans in great cash back offers price. You’ll choose Roadster, Highlander brand denim jeans which are good in quality and great cash back offers.

HIGHLANDER Men Blue Slim Fit Mid Rise Mildly Distressed Jeans

HIGHLANDER Men Blue Slim Tapered Fit Clean Look Ankle Length Stretchable Jeans
HIGHLANDER Men Blue Tapered Fit Mid-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Jeans
HERE&NOW Men Blue Slim Fit Mid-Rise Highly Distressed Cropped Jeans
Highlander Blue Slim Fit Jeans


Mens loves the watches and unique and smartwatches most liked by men. Today is the trending time smartwatches and there are lots of watches and features available in smart watches.

If your brother wants to purchase any smartwatches but unable to get it to surprise him with this watch on the market there are lots of types of smartwatches available like Android Smartwatches, Samsung Smartwatches, Apple Smartwatch etc. You will get the list of man’s smartwatches below.

Smartwatch is like in watches all the needy features which mans wants in daily routine life like call pickup, messaging, camera, email, fitness, heartbeat, alarm everything on the hand wrist with a smartwatch technology.

List of latest Mans Smartwatch 2018

Best Android Smartwatch for men Black Smart Watch

NOISE Loop Lite Unisex Black Smart Watch
NOISE Unisex Black Smartwatch
NOISE Ignite Unisex Black Smart Watch
Noise Edge Unisex White Smartwatch


With good outfits fashion, your younger brother need look the best grooming too in the Rakshabhandan Festival with your gifts. Previous years many men clean the shave and look smart but trends are changing day by day.

Now many young men want to look rough and stylish short hair with the beard, for daily beard trimming your younger brother wants the best men beard trimmer which works long life and looks dashing.

While purchase the beard trimmer you can check the quality of trimmer many Chinese trimmers are looked stylish and good but quality disaster poor. Choose the best professional beard trimmer for your younger brother this festival

I put the best-rated beard trimmer list below

mens beard trimmer

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15
Philips BT1212/15 Beard Trimmer (Green)
Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men (Black/Blue)
SYSKA HT200 Ultra Trim Beard Trimmer (Black)
HESLEY Beard Trimmer HST-1 for Men (Cordless)


Sunglasses is a major attraction also very necessary when going outside. If you are really caring your brother and want to look your brother stylish gift him sunglasses.

And, just gift him stand alone sunglasses with branded if your brother only wears branded sunglasses.

Eyewear has the lots of designing option in men’s eyewear and latest eyewear sunglasses is wayfarer with a color mirror reflection. Wayfarer is the latest sunglasses for men in 2016 and 2017 also wayfarer sunglasses are hot favorite in the guys.

If you go with near store for purchase the sunglasses may take huge amount on price not give you the cash back but if you buy from the Amazon, myntra or ajio you will get the good amount of cash back amount which you can use for your self also.

Check best men’s luxury sunglasses deal below the image

stylish male sunglasses

Roadster Unisex Wayfarer sunglasses
David Blake Unisex Wayfarer Sunglasses
Fastrack UV protected Square Men's Sunglasses
REX Polarized UV400 Protected Wayfarer Square Unisex Sunglasses
U.S. CROWN Tony Stark Aviator Iron Man Steampunk Unisex Sunglasses


All the fashion outfits are done but what about the fragrance.

Men’s loves the fragrance as well as much as like good fashion outfits. If you are confused to buy any above Rakshabhandan gift ideas just because of size and colors issue.

YES. maybe your younger brother not fit the size which you chose for him or any confusion about the size go with perfumes fragrance as a gift because any sister doesn’t like to see if your brother does not use your gift on Rakshabhand day.

You can choose any perfume below the list it is a top 10 best perfumes for men. Most men use that in a regular life and occasions time.


wild stone mens perfumes

Set Wet Studio X Perfume Spray For Men - Edge 49 ml
Fogg Impressio Scent for Men, 100ml
Fogg Xtremo Scent for Men, 100ml
Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum, 50ml
Playboy New King M EDT, 100ml