Summer Collection ideas

6 Best Ways To Style Summer Outfits Collection Idea

We all jump with joy and excitement when summers arrive. The sunny days are back and here to dawn the sky for a long. They surely are the mood-up lifters as the days of wearing long baggy clothes are left behind and summers surely brighten up the day by adding a plethora of colors in the daytime.

It is this time when you go out with your friends to have ice cream at your favorite parlor to soothe yourself. With your aviators on and all your folks wearing summer clothes such as graphic t-shirts, crop tops, shorts, and skirts, adds vibrancy along with the fresh breath of air, which makes you look cool and dashing throughout the day.

Thus, it is essential to have the right set of clothes during summer because one downside with summer is sweat. Thus we have some great fashion recommendations to make you look scintillating for you to let you take a fresh breath of air.

Summer Outfits Collection Ideas

Cotton Graphic T-shirts

Cotton Graphic T-shirts | Summer Outfits Collection Idea

Everyone’s favorite when summer comes is a graphic T-shirt to keep a stack full in our closet. Graphic T-shirts have made a significant and lasting impression on the fashion world. In the beginning, t-shirts were considered undergarments, and there was little reason to print any type of interesting design on them.

This changed of course, once shirt manufacturers began to catch on to the power of printed graphics. There is no doubt that graphic T-shirts are versatile and wardrobe staples. They are great for the daytime. They are versatile enough to go with jeans. You can also wear them with shorts or 3/4ths. Wear a formal jacket when you want to look more fashionable.

But, we can surely not compromise on quality ensuring the price falls under the budget. Worried about where to buy them? These cool Graphic T-shirts are easily accessible at Stitched.

Available in different designs and patterns that fit you well, Styched has a huge collection of graphic printed T-shirts for all occasions, and that too at an affordable cost. Yes, that’s true and the t-shirt quality is uncompromisable, ensuring that the t-shirt looks good when you wear it.

printed crop top | Summer Outfits Collection Idea

Tops For Women

Tops For Women | Summer Outfits Collection Idea

Today’s young women are more open to experimentation with their fashion tastes and styles. Women’s tops may sound simple, but with the ever-changing fashion trends, the basics are not so simple anymore. Ruffle sleeves, plunge neckline, ruched hem and so many more additional elements to a style that blows up the basics to a notch higher.

Tops have been in fashion for a really long time, actually, they can never run out of fashion. Here is a fact about crop tops that you might want to know. Despite the crop top’s appeal, it would be several decades before it was adopted by Westerners.

There was a time when it was considered too “exotic” and revealing to be incorporated into their fashions, and unlike parts of the East, there wasn’t really a need for it. With the evolution in fashion, tops have evolved simultaneously.

It won’t be unfair to mention that tops for women are here to stay for a long time. They fit best for all occasions and since summers last long in India, they too last long. With a variety of patterns and designs, you can explore tops for women at Stitched.

Keeping the cost and design in mind, tops are curated with utmost care to give the best experience to women all over the country. There are plenty of designs available in various sizes at Stitched.

Women Shorts

Women Shorts

Taking a healthy guess, women’s shorts were designed and invented to provide the best comfort and style for summer. Whoever did so, was a genius. Shorts are the short version of trousers that is a good choice during summertime. We all know women’s shorts are trendy, classy, and look good during summer. It an essential to have an easy-to-carry to grace the style.

As shoppers prepare for summer, women’s shorts are among the most-searched items, since they can be worn anywhere this summer, including the beach and the backyard. From high-waisted cut-offs to trendy paper bag styles, there is a style for every occasion.

Shorts for women have created a benchmark that they can fit on any occasion. Nowadays, women wear shorts at parties, malls, movie halls, colleges, etc. Women’s shorts never run out of fashion because they can be carried with many upper wears.

At Stitched we have shorts for women in different styles with several colors available like gray, black, white, brown, etc. The sizes available in shorts are extra small, small, medium, and extra-large.

Women Skirts

women skirts

Ruling the women’s wardrobe is something that history used to much about but as humans evolved so did their acceptance of skirts and the women wearing them. One aspect that still prevails is that skirts surely turn heads around. So, if it’s a hot summer day and you want to feel free and cozy, nothing is better than skirts for you. Skirts for women are comfortable and make you look hot and dazzling, that’s the beauty of skirts.

Surely summer will open the restrictions and there are surely possibilities of colleges getting re-opened. And why just college? There will be occasions to flaunt your style but you do want to have these skirts by your side when it comes.

Skirts such as these can make your gym-trained figure look even better. The latest short skirt designs are perfect for you if you are confident about your physique and don’t mind joining the fashion bandwagon. We at Styched, have some of the best women’s skirt collections to make you look whatever you want to. So, go out and dawn that look with grace and style.

Women’s skirts are extremely versatile. It can be carried as casual wear, party wear, or daily wear. Skirts for women are available at an affordable cost keeping the quality intact.

Track Pants for Women

track pants for women

Track pants are used mostly when someone is working out but nowadays track pants can be worn on different occasions too. Yes, you heard it right. If you want to travel to a friend’s place or want to go shopping you can always wear track pants without any second thought. The reason for stating this is because track pants are more comfortable than any other bottom wear.

When opting for track pants, the most important features to consider are durability, elasticity, comfortability, and fabric quality. Having track pants that are comfortable and high-quality will allow you to be at ease at all times.

Beyond material, style is another major consideration when choosing workout pants. Furthermore, you can wear it no matter if you’re inside or outside to make every moment enjoyable. Thus, at Styched, we ensure that all these features are carefully looked upon. The track pants are available in different sizes like extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

With the summer season here, surely you don’t want to miss out on any of the above options. By making an intelligent decision of investing in clothes that can provide lasting value, you can rely on the quality of the product. Rest assured, summer in India stays long, thus for you to wear comfortable clothes, and invest your money at a nominal price, you are all set to enjoy summers with your friends, family, and dear ones; in style.


What should I wear for summer shopping?

In summer time cool and bright colors are popular rather than dark ones go ahead with bright color summer collection shopping time