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5 Types Of Winter Hats: Which One Is Right For You?

With the temperature dropping and winter coming at its full force you need to be prepared for the cold winter days. You have to be covered from head to toe to fight the winter cold. Starting from the top, you can never forget to add a hat to your winter day outfits. A hat not only becomes a necessity in winter but also gives your style uniqueness. Now with a hat on the top of your head, you can finally say, “the cold never bothered me”. Here are a few of the options which will help you find the perfect winter hat.

  1. The Beanie

The beanie is also known as the chook or torque. This is the winter hat you should not miss as it is casual and chic. It keeps you toasty warm and also helps you to keep your hair at bay. The beanie fits your head perfectly in the most laid-back manner. The beanie can be styled in a lot of ways, especially during winters. Beanie is the best choice for any casual outfit.

  • Knit Hat

A knit hat is the comfiest and easy to wear the hat. The hat is good at taming your wild curls as it gives a lot of room for hair movements. You can pair this hat with any of your dress outfits. Knit hats are made in a lot of colours which give you a plethora of options to choose from. You can opt for vibrant colours or bold colours. The choice purely depends on you. Check out some exclusive styles of knit hats on

  • Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap is a cap which is fitted and it has a brim that protects from both wind and rain. Newsboy cap was more popular among the men population during the Great Depression. Before these caps were worn by only the working class but with the change in time and fashion, everyone welcomed this accessory with opened arms in fashion trends. The cap has a unique style which creates a more sophisticated look. You do not have to compromise your fashion sense and without a doubt opt for a newsboy cap.

  • Fur Hat

Fur hats are sometimes also called Cossack. If you need something that really keeps your head warm you can try out the fur hat. Earlier fur hats were worn by aristocrats individuals in royal places. With the change in time and advancement in fashion trends, everyone is accepting and appreciating this beautiful headgear. The fur hat goes perfectly with your trench coat and ankle boots.

  • Fedora Hat

Fedoras are generally made of felt but these hats can also be made of fur, wool or straw. There are a lot of varieties to choose from do not get overwhelmed by the array of choices and choose the one that you really like. When you choose a fedora hat to be sure that hat fits you perfectly. The hat should not be too loose or too tight, it should be a perfect fit. Fedora hats add elegance to your outfit and can even make an everyday casual outfit look fabulous.

With so many hats to choose from one can get really confused what to get and what not to get. You should choose the hat not only looks good on you but also that fits your personality as well. A hat can really define your personality. You will surely fall in love with one of these hats. These hats not only keep you warm in winter but also add to your style statement. In winter don’t wear hats only out of necessity but also wear it for fashion.

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